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We are a book, comic, art, and game publisher and distributor with a focus on the anthropomorphic (furry), fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural genres. We also carry a variety of tabletop RPG accessories. You can browse the full selection on our Product page.

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October 18, 2021

Rabbit Valley Comics acquired by Fenris Publishing, LLC. We are proud to announce that we have acquired the outstanding Rabbit Valley Comics, a premiere publisher and distributor of furry books and comics since 1997. See the press release for more details!

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Upcoming Events

Feb 17-20, 2022 - Anthro New England - Boston, MA
Our east coast sales team will be running our booth at Anthro New England.

Mar 4-6, 2022 - Fur the More - Arlington, VA
Our east coast sales team will be running out booth at Fur the More.

Mar 17-20, 2022 - Texas Furry Fiesta - Dallas, TX
We're excited to attend our first TFF this year! Our home office team will be running this booth.


Fenris Publishing

Fenris Publishing is focused on general and mature content for mainstream audiences. We may publish some special-interest works under this imprint if we feel they may have wider mainstream appeal.

Bewere Books

Bewere Books is focused on general, mature, and adult content geared towards more niche audiences, such as the furry (anthropomorphic) communtiy and other special-interest communities.

Rabbit Valley Comics

We are proud to carry on Rabbit Valley's legacy of anthropomorphic publishing as one of our imprints!